The DexTradingMasters #1 Edition: 

Unveiling the evolution of trading strategies.

Participants showcased diverse approaches, reflected in the number of stocks traded and trades executed.

In this one-month competition, the average player utilized 16 dTokens and engaged in 100 trades. Notably, participants with fewer trades exhibited reduced activity towards the competition’s end. You’ve got to keep at it till the end as can be seen in this line graph.

Staggeringly, the average gain amounted to 45% within a month, implying an astonishing annual gain of 540%!

Ultimately, a well-timed risk-on approach emerged victorious. One key takeaway from this competition is that participants must adapt and embrace higher risk levels, surpassing their usual strategies to stay ahead or catch up. This element of challenge enhances the excitement for both seasoned and aspiring traders, prompting them to elevate their skills and knowledge.