The DexTradingMasters #5 Edition:

And if you thought the records set at DexTradingMasters DTM4 couldn’t be broken, think again! The continued BTC pump as well as the earnings season lead to even more impressive gains! DTM5 again made it clear that creativity, adaptability, strategy and boldness was key to  traders’ success. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from DTM5:

  1. Variety of Strategies, Striking Gains

DTM5 saw amazing battles and trading strategies. It was the first time the new dTokens were launched and some traders took immediate advantage of the high volatility. Combined with the gains derived from MSTR, COIN, META, PLTR, NVDA, FB etc resulting in an astounding average gain of 164% (DTM4: 69.8) in just one month. It demonstrates the determination and adaptability of participants in navigating the volatile world of crypto trading.

  1. The Top Performers

The top ten traders exhibited exceptional skills, achieving an impressive average gain of 319% (DTM4: 108%). However, it was the top 5 contenders who truly stole the spotlight, all at least tripling their initial capital and amassing a staggering 479% (DTM4: 192%) in profits. Our defending champion ManOfTheWoods took home an unbelievable 901%.

  1. New Records

It’s been a record breaking competition in many ways:

  • Fastest 2x – 10x by ManOfTheWoods
  • 11 doubles
  • 5 triples
  • 4 quadruples
  • Highest average gain ever 164%
  • Highest Top 10 average 319%
  • Average number of trades: 221
  • 3 Newbies in the Top 10! Congrats to Captain Future (3.), Marcel (5.) and The Captain (8.)
  • Biggest improvement by a new trader from DTM4 to DTM5: Caney 123 from +5.8% to 103.6%!!. (Learning by doing!!) Great job!
  1. Trading Activity Matters

The correlation between trading activity and gains has shown again! The average number of transactions executed stood at 221 (DTM4: 154), but the top 5 participants took a more active approach, averaging 437 (250) transactions. This data underscores the significance of active trading in maximizing gains and minimizing losses by swiftly closing unprofitable positions and taking advantage of looped shorts.

  1. Number of Participants

25 competitors entered the DTM5 (DTM3 19) which is tying the DTM3 record. 22 players finished. One withdrew, two needed to be disqualified.

  1. Learning Beyond Gains

While the gains are impressive, the true treasure lies in the lessons learned. All traders had the opportunity to practice their skills while at the same time learn from the best. This one month “seminar” cost only 25 dUSD. In addition we’re offering free webinars in German & English language between the Competitions and you can ask any trading related question in our active Telegram channel Dex Trading Talk.

  1. What’s Next?

If you missed out on DTM5, fear not! DTM6 – “Master your trades”, is right around the corner, starting on 18. March 2024. Registration opened on 25. February 2024. Prepare yourself by exploring trading on the Dex through our website, join the webinars and stay connected with us on Twitter, Telegram and YouTube. And of course DTM6 will again offer exciting prizes from our sponsors. Bots will continue to be allowed – if they dare…!

In conclusion, the DexTradingMasters has once again demonstrated the immense potential and opportunities available in the world of decentralized trading. It’s not just about gains; it’s about knowledge, adaptability, and a community of traders exploring the endless possibilities of decentralized finance.