Video presentation of Q&A in English

Transcription of Q&A in English

General information

What is the $DTL project and what are its main objectives?

The $DTL project aims to enhance trading experiences within the DefiChain ecosystem by offering innovative tools, services, and rewards for traders and investors, fostering a robust and dynamic community.

What makes $DTL unique compared to other tokens in the market?

$DTL stands out due to its innovative features like the Rent a Bot service, high APR staking rewards, and the $DTL Privilege Club, offering a blend of advanced trading tools and exclusive benefits.

Presale and Airdrops

Can you provide details on the upcoming $DTL token presale?

The presale occurs in three stages on June 20th, June 27th, and July 4th, with a total of 36 million $DTL tokens available. Participants need to prepare $DFI in MetaMask.

What are the different stages of the presale and how are they structured?

Stage 1: 14 million $DTL on June 20th; Stage 2: 12.5 million $DTL on June 27th; Stage 3: 9.5 million $DTL on July 4th. Each stage has a cap to ensure fair access.

What will be the initial launch price for the $DTL token?

The exact launch price will be determined closer to the launch date to account for the current volatility of DFI/dUSD.

Can you explain the airdrop campaigns and how they reward early supporters and investors?

There are three airdrop campaigns:

the first for early supporters and creative minds before the presale

the second for rewarding early investors

the third as a thank you to all supporters, boosting engagement and loyalty.

How can people participate in each airdrop?

The first airdrop is well underway. Just follow our X or Telegram post’s.

The 2nd airdrop will start after the presale (July) and will reward the early investors!

The 3rd airdrop will be a big thank you to the community, investors, and contributors.

Details for #2&3 will be announced in our Telegram group and on X

Staking and Rewards

How does the staking mechanism work for $DTL tokens?

Users stake $DTL tokens in our sealed vaults for 3, 6, or 12 months, earning high APRs and additional rewards based on platform revenue from trading and bot activities and transaction fees.

Can you elaborate on the high APR and how it benefits $DTL stakers?

High APRs incentivize long-term staking, providing substantial returns on investment and enhancing overall engagement and liquidity within the ecosystem. With our increasing multiplier, the longer you stake, the faster you can reach higher membership tiers.

And how do you reach these high APRs? only inflation?

The APR includes profits from buying/selling $DTL, trading fees in THE Wallet, Dex Trading Masters $DTL Copy Bot, Rent a Bot. Look only at the current gains at the DTM to see the potential.

Utility and Use Cases

What are the main use cases for $DTL tokens within the ecosystem?

$DTL opens the door to the DexTradingLive ecosystem, unlocking all its features and services. $DTL tokens are used for accessing exclusive services, paying transaction fees, staking for rewards, and benefiting from advanced trading tools.

What exclusive features and services can $DTL token holders access?

Holders can access the Dex-Native Trading Wallet, Rent a Bot service, private workshops, high staking APRs, and the $DTL Privilege Club benefits.


Can you explain the total supply and distribution of $DTL tokens?

The total supply is capped at 100 million tokens, allocated across presale (36%), staking rewards (20%), liquidity provision (14%), long-term expansion (8%), team incentives (15%), and airdrop campaigns (7%) to ensure balanced ecosystem growth.

What is the purpose of the buyback and burn mechanism for $DTL?

This mechanism reduces the total supply over time, increasing token scarcity and value, while aligning with revenue generation to enhance long-term sustainability.

Innovation and Features

What innovations does the $DTL Privilege Club bring to the table?

$DTL will bring many new features, let’s talk about the very special wallet, the rent a bot service and of course about the privilege club

What are the main features of the Dex-Native Trading Wallet?

The wallet offers instant execution, multiple transactions per block, one-click un-looping, and precise limit orders for advanced risk management.

Who can use the wallet? Everybody or only $DTL investors?

Only $DTL investors will have access to THE Wallet

Is using the wallet free for investors?

The base price for using our advanced wallet is 2000 $DTL  per month. Platinum members pay ½. It’s free for Diamond members.

Is there a video about that shows directly in the wallet what is possible and how it works?

Yes there is a video on our YT channel DexTradingVision

What is the Rent a Bot service and how does it work?

Rent a Bot allows users to leverage the strategies of top Dex Traders, automating their trades for optimal profits, using $DTL tokens for access. By subscribing to the Rent a Bot service with $DTL tokens, users can automatically replicate the trades of professional Dex Traders, maximizing their returns.

How does the membership benefit me?

The Privilege Club membership rewards frequent traders, similar to an airline membership. The higher your tier, the greater the rewards:

Gold: Access to most of our products.

Platinum: Price advantages and early access.

Diamond: Free wallet and many more benefits as listed on our website.

Platform and Development

How does the platform ensure the security and reliability of trades?

The platform employs robust security protocols provided by Crypto Factor, ensuring secure and reliable transactions.

Why is $DTL using CryptoFactor for launching the token ecosystem?

CF allows us to focus 100% on building our project. All the technical details under the hood are taken care of by CF’s platform. Like:

Token creation


Asset Backing

Revenue distribution

What upcoming developments and features can users look forward to?

Users can expect enhancements to the Rent a Bot service, new investment portfolios, expanded Privilege Club benefits, and continuous improvements to the trading wallet.

Community and Support

How can community members stay updated with the latest news and developments?

Members can stay updated through our official website, social media channels like X and Reddit, and our dedicated Telegram group where we answer all your questions.

What role does the community play in the growth of the $DTL ecosystem?

The community drives growth through active participation, feedback, and engagement in trading activities, presales, and airdrop campaigns, fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

And what about Dex Trading Masters?

In the past dex trading live brought the Dex Trading Masters to the world and created tools that make every DEX trader’s life way easier – and now Dex Trading Live, in short $DTL, so same like the tokens name, enters the Metachain – is this a goodbye to the Dex Trading Masters and for bringing further improvements to the Dex?

Absolutely not, we’re just getting started! The DTM will launch its 8th edition at the end of August. We’re continually developing more tools to maximize profits and enhance your trading experience. If you prefer not to trade actively, our experts can handle it for you while you enjoy the staking rewards flowing in.