Welcome to Dex Trading Masters Competition!

We are a team of passionate traders who have come together to promote the value of the dToken System on DeFiChain.

Our unique DEX allows you to trade mirror images of stocks (dTokens) without any time constraints, 24/7/365.

We believe that many people overlook the trading possibilities on our DEX and only use it for Liquidity Mining.

Hence, we have created the Dex Trading Masters to encourage traders to participate in a competition with a small but real money trading account, gain experience, and show their skills.

We aim to share knowledge and provide insights into what other traders are doing to help you compare and improve your ranking.

Our team is always available to assist and explain whenever needed.

  • 6.5.2024

    Registration open

  • ~13.5.2024


  • ~15.6.2024


Introduction DEX-Trading: