The DexTradingMasters #6 Edition

This 6th edition proved more challenging than the last. Only those who could deftly navigate the volatile markets made profits, while those clinging to their initial strategies learned lessons the hard way—with three liquidations and a disqualification to boot. Yet, it was an invaluable experience for both novices and veterans, marked by a record turnout of 8 new participants, showing growing interest in Dex Trading. We even welcomed our first bot competitor into the fray!

A novel twist this year was the $10,000 JAV prize for landing in the mid-spot. While the bounty proved enticing, several traders vied for this sweet spot but overlooked a crucial detail: the flurry of last-minute liquidations made pinpointing the exact middle nearly impossible.

  1. Strategies, Liquidations, and Gains:

DTM6 showcased thrilling trading strategies and battles. Those versed in leveraging shorts found themselves at an advantage. The key takeaway? Always keep an eye on your collateral to dodge liquidations. MSTR and COIN were the most traded tokens, with Bitcoin’s volatility proving beneficial. The average gain stood at 25.1% over the month.

  1. The Top Performers:

The top ten traders demonstrated exceptional prowess, boasting an average gain of 86.6% (a dip from DTM5’s 319%). The top 5 surged with gains of 166% (previous 479%), with our four-time defending champion, ManOfTheWoods, sweeping up an astounding 444%.

  1. Notable Numbers:

– ManOfTheWoods scored a 5x.

– Marcel claimed a triple.

– RaceTortuga achieved a commendable 2.5x.

– Marcel made the highest number of trades: 983.

– New entrants Helix and Ferhat broke into the top 10, ranking 4th and 6th, respectively.

– Our pioneering Trading Bot, managed by BobbyWutz, ranked an impressive 7th.

  1. Trading Activity Matters:

Again, a robust correlation between trading activity and gains emerged. The average trade count hit a new high of 276, with the top 5 averaging 563 transactions, highlighting the importance of active trading in maximizing gains and cutting losses swiftly.

  1. Number of Participants:

24 traders joined DTM6 (one fewer than DTM5), with 22 completing the competition. We had one withdrawal and one necessary disqualification.

  1. Learning Beyond Gains:

While the financial gains are impressive, the real value lies in the trading lessons gleaned. This one-month “seminar” was a bargain at just 25 dUSD. Between competitions, we offer free webinars in both German and English, and our active Telegram channel, Dex Trading Talk, is always open for queries.

  1. What’s Next?

Missed out on DTM6? No worries! DTM7, our Anniversary Edition, kicks off on 13th May 2024, with registrations opening on 6th May. Bots will remain in the mix! Gear up by exploring trading on the Dex, joining our webinars, and staying engaged through Twitter, Telegram, and YouTube. As always, DTM7 will feature exciting prizes from our sponsors.

In conclusion, DexTradingMasters continues to spotlight the vast potential and opportunities in decentralized trading. It’s more than just about profits; it’s about acquiring knowledge, enhancing adaptability, and joining a community of traders exploring the vast possibilities of decentralized finance.