Dex Trading Masters (DTM):

Celebrating Our Milestone: DexTradingMasters DTM7 Anniversary Edition!

From our inaugural event in May 2023, the DexTradingMasters series has grown exponentially. As we gear up for DTM7, let’s celebrate our achievements:

  • 108 traders have risen to the challenge, with 87 turning a profit—an impressive success rate of over 80%!
  • Our competitions have consistently showcased exceptional talent, with average profits across all DTMs hitting 62.6% and top traders achieving an astounding 111.1%.

This year, we’re excited to introduce the DexTradingLive token $DTL as part of our prize pool, distributed post-launch to our winners. 

Get ready to follow the competition live at  and stay updated through our social channels.

Registration kicks off on May 6, 2024. The competition starts on May 13, 2024, at block 3977200, and runs until June 15, 2024, at block 4072240. 

Join us to experience the thrill and celebrate a year of outstanding trading performance!

Terms & Conditions

Rules for participation:
  • The competition requires an enrollment fee of 25 dUSD. 80% of the enrollment fee will be allocated to prizes, while the remaining 20% will be retained as a jackpot for future events (minus any incurred expenses).
  • To participate in the competition, traders are required to transfer 525 dUSD and 3 DFI to a new, unused, or emptied address that will be exclusively designated for the competition.
  • Participants can register for the competition up to one week after its official start, provided they have paid the enrollment fee at least 24 hours prior to joining to the following address: df1qphr9y9a3qesn6n323uddadp2qa4yyx46gwfyc0
    This allows the jury to validate their competition address. The DFI will cover the UTXO fees required for creating a vault, etc. Only one vault is permitted under this address for minting dTokens, and collateral must be sourced from the 500 dUSD investment made for the competition.
  • Traders can use multiple addresses for the competition, as long as they pay the enrollment fee and deposit the trading capital for each address. During the four-week competition period, no further inflows or outflows will be allowed from the address.
  • All trading instruments available on the DEX, including Liquidity Mining and Future Swaps, are permissible for the competition. The jury will oversee all addresses, and tracking will be conducted on
  • To maintain fairness and ensure a level playing field, it is strictly forbidden to artificially boost your DTM account using your own accounts or third-party accounts. In most cases, using another account is allowed, and you can modestly „synchronize“ trades between your DTM and other accounts. However, “unreasonably bolstering” is defined as sandwiching your account’s trades with DTM account trades, resulting in obvious losses or reduced profits on your other account. The DexTradingLive team will monitor for suspicious trading activities during the competition, and serious violations of this rule will lead to disqualification. Our dedicated jury is committed to preserving the competition’s integrity.
  • The use of bots is allowed! We still want to determine who’s better at trading: Humans or Bots?
  • The prize money will be funded by the enrollment fees and sponsors.
  • This community event welcomes participants of all levels of trading experience. Stock market movements can be unpredictable, making it possible for even new traders to have a chance at winning. With a low trading capital requirement, the event is accessible to as many people as possible.
  • The commencement and ending dates will be defined by a specific block. No trades are allowed prior to or after the relevant Blocks. You can find the block numbers here: 
  • After the competition ends, the jury will announce the winner. To determine a winner in the competition, all traders must close their trades before the final block, signifying the end of the competition. Any trades executed after the final block of the competition will result in disqualification. Participants must ensure that their trading address contains only dUSD. No DFI, dTokens, or Vault balances will be considered. The participant with the highest amount of dUSD in their address will be declared the winner.

This trading event is a competition situation that does not contain any elements of gambling. Participants must attempt to increase their capital by trading dTokens on a decentralized exchange.

Your feedback is valuable! If you want to help with your input or sponsorship, please get in touch with us:

TWITTER: @DefiDexTrader,  @Honzan9, @BerlinHalfmoon, @MSwayzeee, @Defichaintrade, @dPuschiii

Registration Process for the Dex Trading Masters

  1. Create a new @defichain address in your wallet or empty an existing one.
  2. Send 525 dUSD and 3 DFI to your competition address.
  3. Pay the 25 dUSD enrollment fee from your competition address to the following address: df1qphr9y9a3qesn6n323uddadp2qa4yyx46gwfyc0 .
  4. Follow our X account @DexTradingLive and send a DM with your unique trading address and the name/nickname you want to use for the competition. If you don’t use X you can also register on Telegram @DefiDexTrader. With your permission, your nickname will be showcased for live ranking. Your trading address will be public, allowing others to follow along.
  5. Wait for the operators to check your address and confirm your enrollment for the competition.
  6. Once enrolled, remember that you are not allowed to transfer in or out any amount from your trading address.

Please note that it is important to follow these steps carefully in order to ensure a smooth registration process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us for assistance. Good luck in the competition!