What is a DEX?

  • Decentralized exchange with no headquarters or company ownership, distributed virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Counterpart is a CEX, a centralized exchange, run by a company with a legal headquarters.

Why DEX?

  • Clear rules that only existing money can be traded, defined in the blockchain.
  • Trust in a defined mathematical algorithm, no person can manually intervene and take control.
  • Money on DEX belongs to the user, not the platform or any third party.
  • Censorship-resistant, no state can censor or deny access.
  • Non-discriminatory, open to everyone.
  • Pseudonymity, no personal information is required.
  • Based on a secure infrastructure of thousands of computers.
  • IoT possible, trading is not limited to humans.
  • No registration needed.
  • Difficult to target, no power over the network or stored coins.
  • Fast and fixed transfer times.
  • Low fees, clearly regulated.
  • Anonymous deposits from anywhere in the world.