Who Locks Next?

“Who Locks Next” is a challenge within the Defichain community where members create a chain of 2-year DUSD bonds. The goal is to showcase and bolster the community’s strength and commitment by locking in as much DUSD as possible.

Here’s the process: The first member initiates a 2-year DUSD bond for 2000 DUSD, passing it to the next member, who then creates a bond for 1999 DUSD, continuing the chain by seeking the next participant. Each member reduces the bond amount by 1 DUSD.

To join: You must be a trusted community member or known to the bond sender. Reach out via X, Telegram, or similar to express your interest. You’ll be considered for the chain and connected with the sender. Join the movement, secure DUSD, and remember, Mission Repeg is a marathon, not a sprint. 🏃‍♂️💨